I’ve lost 6 POUNDS!!!

Woohoo! 6 lbs in a WEEK!! 

That means, what I’m doing must be working! I left my doctors office yesterday feeling like a whole new person. I’m doing something right! It was such a shock. 

The news has renewed my spirit. Makes me know that missing cokes and other foods are SO worth it. At this point I don’t think anything I eat could taste as good as how  I feel. Even though it’s only been a week, I can tell a HUGE difference in my body. 

It’s Sunday, I got up and did some Yoga, and then 50 crunches.  The yoga was nice and relaxing, wish I could say the same for the crunches but hey, not everything can be enjoyable lol. 

I’m excited to start next week, and hope this feeling continues. It’s not about the weightloss for me, it’s about being Healthy, so if I keep this mindset, the weight will come off, naturally. 

The rest of the day should be fun! I’m going to go with my Best friend Sarah on a tour of the Labor and Delivery floor at our local hospital, because she is due in a month! I’m so excited to see my little “nephew” be born! But to be honest, I am a little nervous about watching the whole thing happen, The only other baby I’ve seen being born was my own, and I was at the other end LOL.

I’m also taking my little one to pick out her Halloween costume! She has her heart set on being the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, so I hope I can find it! Alice in Wonderland is kind of a constant  thing in our household. My bridal shower/wedding were Alice in Wonderland themed, also Jaidens 4th birthday was Alice as well. Oh, and I also have a lower arm piece that is Alice themed too lol! So once Jaiden heard me and her daddy were going as Alice and the Mad Hatter for Halloween she just had to get in on the theme!

Another fun thing we are doing tonight is making our Glow Jars! I will have the instructions up soon 🙂




I’m so Hungry!!!

Today is the first day since this whole process started, that I am just really hungry. I have been eating about 1,000 calories a day, I know I can have more, but I really need to get used to eating smaller portions, so I’m starting out with a bang. 

But i’m still really hungry. I was so concerned with getting healthy meals when I went to the grocery store, that I forgot to get some snacks, just to have around. I would kill for some Hummus right now. LOL!

I took a walk around the neighborhood today with my little one, It was fun to be able to get up and do something with her, and she had so much fun! My thighs are burning now though haha.

On another note, I will be taking Jaiden to pick out her Halloween costume tomorrow! Halloween and fall in general is a big deal at the Jones house. We are Holiday people. This weekend I will be posting some DIY fall crafts, so look out for them 😉



Rap Music is the BEST work out music…

Plus more tips and tricks I’ve Learned so far:

  • While walking on a tradmill, pretend it’s a runway and put on Ru Pauls “Covergirl”  Trust me..it will be a magical experience.
  • Pick songs you know the words too, and sing while walking, It will put your mind into a different place, esp. if you really get into it!
  • If you need to take a break from walking, then do so! What I do if my legs start feeling like Jello, is I put both feet on the sides of the treadmill and I do some hip swings, that way, it’s giving your legs a break, but you are still moving!
  • Youtube is your fitness friend! They have TONS of work outs for all body types, for free! I did “Booty yoga hip hop ballet” this morning!!
  • Drink LOTS of water!! (Duh, I know lol!)
  • Having a partner makes working out easier and more fun! Even if you just do it at home, get your child involved! My 4 year old loved doing her own versions of the moves, and it was great motivation trying to keep up with her!

These are the tips I’ve learned so far 🙂 I’ve only been actively working out for 4 days now, but I feel GREAT!! I’m sleeping better, more calm and relaxed, and over all just fell better.

This is also day number 4 with no caffeine. This has been more challenging, I miss COKES! and TEA! I have a headache like crazy from the caffeine withdraw.  It’s this feeling that keeps me from grabbing one..My body shouldn’t be going into withdraws from a drink..that creeps me out, and makes me not want one anyways.

If anyone reading has anymore tips and tricks for working out, please share them! I love learning new things!!


This is MY version of a Green Smoothie!

I know what you’re thinking, wtf is that!?

It’s amazing, and good for you…that’s what it is!! This is what’s called a “green smoothie” Getting it’s name because it’s mostly made up of….Spinach! I know! I know! But I promise It is Delicious! 

Here is what you will need:


  • 1 cup of Baby Spinach
  • 1/2 a frozen Banana (Peel, and freeze overnight)
  • 1/2 cup of Frozen Fruit of your choice (I used a tropical mix which is strawberries and mangos)
  • A splash of Orange Juice (or skim milk, which ever you prefer)
  • A blender, or in my case, a magic bullet!

Combine all your ingredients in a blender, looking nice and healthy already!


Then blend until smooth, Wallah! Now you have a healthy breakfast/lunch/snack. 1 smoothie has a full serving of fruit AND veggies! 


So there you have it, a super simple recipe for the infamous Green Smoothie! Even my 4 year old ASKS me to make it for her because it is so good! Give it a try 🙂




This is Day 1

Of the rest of my life!!

I am NOT a small girl. I never have been, and honestly, I am ok with that. What I am not ok with, is letting myself go on any longer, being as unhealthy as I have been.

I’ve always wondered if I have the opposite of  Body Dismorphic Disorder. When I look in the mirror, I don’t see an obese, unhealthy person. I never have. I have never had a self esteem problem, and I was never picked on for my weight. Why? I’m not sure, maybe my confidence was enough to get me through the cruel years of highschool. (Plus, I had black hair, piercings, and wore funny clothes, I wouldn’t pick on me either LOL) 

Last week, everything changed, I looked in the mirror as I was preparing for bed, and the person staring back at me, wasn’t the girl I had been seeing all my life. This person was fat. and looked so tired. Who is this!? It was me. I broke down. I was angry. Why had no one told me???? I have no idea what caused this revelation  but now, I’m glad it happened.  I broke down to my husband, and asked him why he never told me how out of control my weight had gotten.  This is what he told me ” I think you are perfect, and I love you for everything you are, but if you are not happy, then we need to do something”.

That was exactly what I needed to hear, and I knew I was ready to make a change. After that conversation, the universe opened up, and showed me that I was right, it was time. 


Today is Wednesday. I’ve walked 3 miles this week on my treadmill. 3 MILES! For me, this is HUGE. I’ve been so inactive for so long that I can’t believe I have done so well these last few days. This is also day number 3 with NO caffeine, which has been the hardest part of all! 


The leaves are changing, and I am too, and I am so excited for this part of my life, I can’t wait to see what the future holds ❤


This is ME


This is ME! Who am I? I am a 24 year old, Wife, and Mother of a wonderful 4 year old named Jaiden. 

This would be said 4 year old, isn’t she a doll!?

And this would be my Amazing Husband Brandon!

Needless to say, I am not your typical Almost-stay-at-home-mom. I have tattoos, and piercings. I love rock music, and scary movies.I say almost-stay-at-home mom because I work part time at a Mixed Martial Arts Training Gym, and it’s the best job EVER! My husband has a full back piece, and hair almost as long as me. and We love our little family.

I wanted to start this blog for myself. To write about my triumphs, tribulations, my fears, and dreams. I also wanted to share what I’m all about with, the world I guess LOL. So that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

On this blog you can expect cussing, ranting, reviewing, crafts, DIYs, product reviews, and my newest Journey, which is losing weight, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle! 

So this is me, and I’m working every day to make me a better me!! Enjoy 🙂