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This is Day 1

Of the rest of my life!!

I am NOT a small girl. I never have been, and honestly, I am ok with that. What I am not ok with, is letting myself go on any longer, being as unhealthy as I have been.

I’ve always wondered if I have the opposite of  Body Dismorphic Disorder. When I look in the mirror, I don’t see an obese, unhealthy person. I never have. I have never had a self esteem problem, and I was never picked on for my weight. Why? I’m not sure, maybe my confidence was enough to get me through the cruel years of highschool. (Plus, I had black hair, piercings, and wore funny clothes, I wouldn’t pick on me either LOL) 

Last week, everything changed, I looked in the mirror as I was preparing for bed, and the person staring back at me, wasn’t the girl I had been seeing all my life. This person was fat. and looked so tired. Who is this!? It was me. I broke down. I was angry. Why had no one told me???? I have no idea what caused this revelation  but now, I’m glad it happened.  I broke down to my husband, and asked him why he never told me how out of control my weight had gotten.  This is what he told me ” I think you are perfect, and I love you for everything you are, but if you are not happy, then we need to do something”.

That was exactly what I needed to hear, and I knew I was ready to make a change. After that conversation, the universe opened up, and showed me that I was right, it was time. 


Today is Wednesday. I’ve walked 3 miles this week on my treadmill. 3 MILES! For me, this is HUGE. I’ve been so inactive for so long that I can’t believe I have done so well these last few days. This is also day number 3 with NO caffeine, which has been the hardest part of all! 


The leaves are changing, and I am too, and I am so excited for this part of my life, I can’t wait to see what the future holds ❤



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Hello! My name is Rachelle and I am just a mom trying to do the best for her Family!

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