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Rap Music is the BEST work out music…

Plus more tips and tricks I’ve Learned so far:

  • While walking on a tradmill, pretend it’s a runway and put on Ru Pauls “Covergirl”  Trust will be a magical experience.
  • Pick songs you know the words too, and sing while walking, It will put your mind into a different place, esp. if you really get into it!
  • If you need to take a break from walking, then do so! What I do if my legs start feeling like Jello, is I put both feet on the sides of the treadmill and I do some hip swings, that way, it’s giving your legs a break, but you are still moving!
  • Youtube is your fitness friend! They have TONS of work outs for all body types, for free! I did “Booty yoga hip hop ballet” this morning!!
  • Drink LOTS of water!! (Duh, I know lol!)
  • Having a partner makes working out easier and more fun! Even if you just do it at home, get your child involved! My 4 year old loved doing her own versions of the moves, and it was great motivation trying to keep up with her!

These are the tips I’ve learned so far 🙂 I’ve only been actively working out for 4 days now, but I feel GREAT!! I’m sleeping better, more calm and relaxed, and over all just fell better.

This is also day number 4 with no caffeine. This has been more challenging, I miss COKES! and TEA! I have a headache like crazy from the caffeine withdraw.  It’s this feeling that keeps me from grabbing one..My body shouldn’t be going into withdraws from a drink..that creeps me out, and makes me not want one anyways.

If anyone reading has anymore tips and tricks for working out, please share them! I love learning new things!!



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Hello! My name is Rachelle and I am just a mom trying to do the best for her Family!

One response to “Rap Music is the BEST work out music…

  1. The Pandora Classic Hip Hop Station is great to listen to 🙂

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