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I’m so Hungry!!!

Today is the first day since this whole process started, that I am just really hungry. I have been eating about 1,000 calories a day, I know I can have more, but I really need to get used to eating smaller portions, so I’m starting out with a bang. 

But i’m still really hungry. I was so concerned with getting healthy meals when I went to the grocery store, that I forgot to get some snacks, just to have around. I would kill for some Hummus right now. LOL!

I took a walk around the neighborhood today with my little one, It was fun to be able to get up and do something with her, and she had so much fun! My thighs are burning now though haha.

On another note, I will be taking Jaiden to pick out her Halloween costume tomorrow! Halloween and fall in general is a big deal at the Jones house. We are Holiday people. This weekend I will be posting some DIY fall crafts, so look out for them 😉




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Hello! My name is Rachelle and I am just a mom trying to do the best for her Family!

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