Monthly Weigh In and other happenings!

So the question is….


How does 21 pounds down look on me!?


That’s right! Since 9-29-12 I’ve lost 21 lbs! And not only that…Here are my measurements for the month:

  • Waist- 5 inches lost!
  • Chest- 3 inches lost!
  • Arms-1 inch lost!
  • Hips- 4 inches lost!
  • Thighs-2 inches lost!

In a month! everyone at the clinic was so excited for me! I’m excited for me too lol!


I can only go up from here, I have too, and thanks to my clinic, I have Motivation :



Oh yes. I love money, shots, and apple products. It’s going down! I’m going to work twice as hard this month as i did last month lol! 


I’m so glad something has gone right this week. The rest of the week has been HORRIBLE. Let this be a message to anyone that is considering Mirena IUD for birth control..


I know that all birth control has side effects, and affects everyone differently, so this is not medical advice, this is just my personal experiences with this “medicine” 

 I got the Mirena in June of 2008. 6 weeks after I had Jaiden. Insertion SUCKED and it hurt, but other then that, the first few months was great! After that it seemed to go downhill. I lost my sex drive almost completely!  For a 20 year old, that is NO fun! I also cried at freaking everything, and I was super annoyed a lot of the time. I was tired, bloated, and moody. After the first year I guess I got “used” to the symptoms, so I didn’t think much about it, and after the first 6 months, I didn’t have a period at all, so that’s a plus. 


The next 3 years were more of the same, still no period…until 2 weeks ago, and what a period it was..I almost went to the ER thinking something was really wrong! I took a trip to my GYN and got a pap smear, while getting this my doctor informs me that my cervix was “infected, and irritated”. What does that mean!? Did it growl at you to let you know it was irritated!? I had to wait a freaking WEEK to get the results from my test back, which came back with…nothing. Surprise Surprise. So I then got called in on Tuesday to get an ultrasound, which while I’m getting it the ultrasound tech says “Honey, have you been having a lot of cramping and pain?” Why yes…yes I have…I then ask if something is wrong and she says “Oh Hun, I’m not a doctor, I just take the pictures” then why the hell did you ask me!?


After the ultrasound I wait in my doctors office, he comes in and says “Well, your mirena has slipped down out of place, but is stuck on your cervix, we are going to have to take it out right now, go ahead and get changed into a gown” and leaves. What!? It moved?? Great!


The doctor comes back in and says “this is probably going to hurt, but try to relax”. Relax? Sureeee. I try to relax as best I can as he RIPS my Mirena out with freaking pliers! taking a chunk of…i don’t know, skin? with it. Oh… hurt SO bad. 

After I had quit crying and gotten my clothes back on, he comes back in and tells me the Mirena being out of place could have affected my hormone levels, and I would need to get a blood test, and if the results came back normal I would need to get another form of BC asap so my body wouldn’t go into whats known as “mirena crash”. Lovely.

I go back into the doctor on Friday (yep, 3rd time that week, thanks God my deductible was met eh?) and he tells me that my hormone levels were a little off, but he thought getting a replacement BC in would level them out. I went with the Implanon, which is a little tube that is shoved into your arm. 


This is 3 hours after I got the Implanon but in, that band-aid is covering up the incision they cut to put in the tube in. OW! Hopefully  I will have better luck with this. Why can’t they make guys do this!?


So that has been my week, I’m determined to have a good weekend to make up for it! Heading to the Pumpkin Patch today, and then to see Paranormal Activity tomorrow! Everyone have a great day!



So close to 20 ponds!!

I’ve lost 18 pounds in a month!! A month!! That’s crazy to me! Only 2 more little pounds and I’ll be down 20 pounds, and then 30, 60 even! It’s so exciting :).

Moving on to something different, I love my job, I really do. But there is one aspect of my job that makes me want to pull my hair out. And that’s dealing with bratty ass kids that don’t listen. I don’t know why parents let kids act like they live here. (I work at an MMA gym) Some of the students feel like its their right to have me babysit for them while they are in class. Let me assure you this was NOT play with me, but I love my job, so I deal with it.

I have a handful of kids that I have to get onto everytime they come to the gym. Every freaking time. For stupid shit. Like don’t jump on the couch, stop paying in the water, stop hitting people. It’s insane. I will tolerate a little more from the little kids, like 5 and under. The funny thing is, I only have to tell them a few times to stop, it’s the kids that are like 7-12 are the ones I have to bitch at the most.

I’m not one for confrontation but today I had had enough, I waited for the 2 parents of the kids that had not listened to me all day to come out and I pulled them aside and let them have it. I told them if their kids didn’t straiten up, that I would no longer let them stay up in the front anymore. I love the fact that I can make the decision to say that without having to ask anyone for permission, my boss trusts me with everything, so that’s cool 🙂

Now, I know a few people will probably think I’m being a little harsh on the kids and they would be right. *But* this is a business. Even though we are all laid back, and like a family, someone has to be the bad guy, and if that’s me, then so be it. I’m looking at the perspective of a potential student. If I came in do take my tour, and saw all these kids jumping around and hollering I think I would turn myself around and go find me a professional gym to go to. I love my boss, his wife and kids. This is their livelihood, and I want to help them any way I can.

Well, now that I feel like I have complained enough, I’m done lol!


I have the cutest kid EVER


I mean..look at that face! Such a doll. Oh, and the outfit she has on, is the best outfit EVER. It’s got Alice in Wonderland characters all over it, and you know how much we love Alice around here.


Here is the full outfit. Isn’t it great!? and you can see my cat Juno in the background. that would be 1 of 4 cats in the house. She’s the baby. Then we have Adolf, who is HUGE, like 15 pounds or so, then Dede, which is Brandons baby (although she is 11 years old and also huge) and then we have Cowboy, our gimp. His front paws face inward, making it appear like he’s walking like he just got off of a horse lol.


I just got back from the doctor, and as I suspected, the ancient scale at my gyns office was wrong, I’ve lost 5 more pounds this week!! Bringing my grand total for 2 weeks to 11 pounds! woot woot! I’m super thrilled.

My in laws are coming into town today, and they want to wreck my diet! Not on purpose of course lol, we are just going to have dinner at Chuy’s tonight. Which is hands down my favorite Mexican restaurant. I looked everywhere for the nutrition information there, and could only find bits and pieces, because they haven’t released it. None of the info I did find was good :(. So i’m just going to get a few tacos and no sides. and then go home and work out lol. Hopefully I’ll be alright.


Now I will be signing off, and getting some xbox time in before I have to go be an awesome daughter-in-law lol.


Doctor office drama

I just love to people watch. I’m at my “lady doctor” who also happens to be an OB. His name is Dr. Hamburger (oh yes, hamburger) he delivered Jaiden, and Brandon ran around the hospital yelling for “Dr. hamburger and Nurse Shake!! It was SO funny, but it hurt to laugh so it made me kind of mad lol!
but anyways, back to today, the waiting room is pretty full, because people like to have babies around here, when a nurse comes out and says “Dr.Hamburger just got called into the OR, so it might be a bit” wtf does that mean!? Is he delivering a baby or what? If I wasn’t so concerned with this stupid Mirena (IUD) I would just leave. So around me in the waiting room I have a “gangster” who is “here with his dawgs ole lady cause he was at work”, I have a woman with twin 4 year olds that really don’t want to be here, and a teen couple that keep fighting with each other, they are my favorite. She’s been on the phone for about 30 mins. Talking to her grandmother, about how her dad is a drug addict and steals all her money, and she wants to move in with her boyfriend but her mom won’t let her. (How do I know all this? She had the phone on the highest volume setting and was sitting right next to me) Now, the gangster and the teen couple just found out they know each other, so they have been talking about “how them thangs” have been going, and when he “got out of the joint” (he means juvi lol) While listening to all this, it makes me wonder, did I talk/act like this when I was a teenager!? The answer is probably yes. People never realize how stupid they sound until years later, then you realize your parents were right lol!

I am Soooo not looking forward to this appt. I do love my Mirena, but to be honest. It’s kind of a bitch to deal with. For the first year I had it, I had terrible mood swigs, cramps, and weight gain, but I didn’t have a period! And haven’t had one since…October 2008. So I will take the trade off. But now, I think something is wrong with it, so I get to find out today. Fun way to spend my Friday huh? Better safe then sorry though, I have 1 perfect little girl, and I don’t want anymore.

I get a lot of comments from the peanut gallery regarding only having/wanting kids. I get “when are you going to give Jaiden a little brother/sister??” Um, never. And then that opens a whole new can of worms. “How are you going to deny Jaiden of the bond a sibling can bring?” “Don’t you want Jaiden to have a playmate?” “Don’t you think it’s kind of selfish to only have 1 kid?” No, no, Lol. I was an only child growing up, as was my husband, do I just do not have that need to have another child I guess. I never had that sibling bond, and I turned out just fine!

I finally got a room! Got weighed, I’ve lost another 2 lbs!! Not as great as last week but hey what can you do? And who knows if that scale is right? It’s ancient. So I’m not banking on it to much, I go see my weight loss doctor tomorrow, I’ll see what she says 🙂 but if it turns out it is just 2 lbs that just fine! As long as in losing, I’m happy!

Well, I think I have rambled on enough, so ill be signing off for now!

Princess Jaiden has Spoken!

She has decided that she will be the “Nice Alice” for Halloween, and I can be the “mean Alice”. Don’t know the difference? Here ya go:




This is “Nice” Alice


and this is “Mean” Alice lol.


I did buy Jaidens costume, but I plan to make mine. I got this awesome white dress, and some blue fabric dye, so hopefully I can achieve the “alice” blue. We shall see!!

Working out is becoming a little easier, I don’t enjoy it, but it’s getting better. I bought “Dance Central” for Kinect, and that’s alot of fun, and it has a calorie counter on it, so I know how many calories I burn while dancing to Soldja Boy lmao!

Eating right, has probably been the easiest thing in this “journey” so far. I haven’t had a coke/tea/coffee in 9 days. I haven’t been without a coke in 9 days ever. EVER. The weirdest thing is, I don’t really miss them. Now that the caffeine withdraw headaches are gone, I’m golden. It’s amazing. 

I’ve started reading a book called “eat thing! not that!’ and let me tell you, it is fascinating.  Just knowing the amount of CRAP I was eating before, I’m amazed that I’m only as big as I am. I found out that it’s not Americans fault (per say) that we are all fat, it’s the food company’s  They are all liars and cheats! I will have a full review of the book coming up in the near future. 

This weekend is going to be a fun one. Me, my mom, and my mother-in-law will be taking Jaiden to see Disney on Ice!! She is SO excited, and to be perfect honest, I am too! Of course I will be a nervous wreck that day, because Brandon (the hubs) will be going Sky diving with his dad. He has been over 150 times, but never since we’ve been together. It scares the shit out of me. If something happened to that man I do not know what I would do. He tells me not to worry, and goes on and on about the statistics “oh the chances of anything happening are like, the chances of being struck by lightning” blah blah. doesn’t matter! lol. But he just doesn’t get it, and he won’t, so I just try not to talk about it lol. 

 I work at an MMA gym. and let me tell you how weird it is to be an overweight person trying to tell people about gym memberships. At first, it didn’t bother me so much, but then one of the students there (that happens to be the owners nephew) was at the gym one day, complaining about his girlfriend needing to get back in shape after having their baby and that she was making the gym look bad “being so out of shape when she is part of a gym family” Let me tell you, this girl has a 6 month old, and is probably…a size 8. Oh yes. If he thinks she’s overweight, then good God what does he think of me!? So that was a big eye opener for me. I do resent him for his statement, and probably always will. Being skinny doesn’t make you healthy!! 

As I step off my soap box, I will be signing off for now, until next time ❤


How to make a Halloween Pumpkin Glow Jar

As promised, here is my how to guide on making a Halloween Pumpkin Glow jar! It’s low cost, super cute, and your kids will LOVE it!


Here is what you will need:

  • A pickle jar! (or any other glass jars you have around the house)
  • Glow sticks (atleast 2 small ones, or 1 big one) 
  • Some glitter! 
  • Some black paint. (or whatever color you want the top of your jar, and your pumpkin face to be)
  • Some festive ribbon (this is optional, I just think it looks cute!

First step will be cleaning out your jar with soap and water, and peeling off the label. (I find running the label under some warm water makes it much easier to scrape off!) After cleaning, make sure to let it dry all the way!

Step two will be to paint the lid to your jar, with whatever color you have decided to use for your jar. I recommend acrylic paint, because it’s cheap, and dries quickly.


Tada! Just set this aside while you work on the rest of the jar, and by the time you are done, it *should* be dry. 

Step three is to take the same paint, and paint a pumpkin face (or whatever other design you would like on the jar! You could also let the kids do this step, so they can draw whatever they want on it!) If you mess up, or don’t like the design, don’t fret! If you quickly wipe it off, you can start over!


How cute is this!? (Mind you, I am NOT an artist by any means, but my daughter thought it was cute, and that’s all that matters to me 🙂 )

Step four is getting the jar to GLOW! You will take your glow stick(s) and crack them until they glow. After they cracked and glowing strongly, you will take a pair of scissors and cut the end of the glow stick off. (Warning! the glow stick will leak! I suggest wearing a pair of gloves, and I also recommend having the parent do this part. I would also cut the glow stick over a paper towel, although watching my carpet glow for a moment was pretty funny lol!)

  Make sure you cut the END of the glowstick, NOT the middle, or you will have a big ole mess on your hands! 

Step five is to take the glow sick and shake/pour the liquid into the jar. Shaking it against the sides worked best for me. You will repeat the same thing with the second glow stick, and if you want more coverage use more glow stick! There isn’t really a limit to the amount you can use.

Step six is to take your glitter and pour it into the jar. (I put about a teaspoons worth of glitter into the jar) By this time, your lid should be dry, so after testing it to make sure, screw the lid on TIGHTLY and shake the jar! (this was Jaidens favorite part of the craft lol!)


See it starting to look super cute already!?

Step 7 is the final step, take your ribbon and cut it to size and tie it around the top of your jar!

How cute is this!? You can make this into a centerpiece for a table, or an alternative for pumpkins on Halloween night, or you can make a bunch of them and line your driveway or porch with them!

These glow for about 4 hours, and are a super cute, and cheap project for you and your kiddos to do together, and they aren’t just for Halloween! You can make a plain glow jar for the little ones that are afraid of the dark, or you can change them up according to the holiday 🙂

I hope you liked reading about how to make a Halloween Glow Jar 🙂