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How to make a Halloween Pumpkin Glow Jar

As promised, here is my how to guide on making a Halloween Pumpkin Glow jar! It’s low cost, super cute, and your kids will LOVE it!


Here is what you will need:

  • A pickle jar! (or any other glass jars you have around the house)
  • Glow sticks (atleast 2 small ones, or 1 big one) 
  • Some glitter! 
  • Some black paint. (or whatever color you want the top of your jar, and your pumpkin face to be)
  • Some festive ribbon (this is optional, I just think it looks cute!

First step will be cleaning out your jar with soap and water, and peeling off the label. (I find running the label under some warm water makes it much easier to scrape off!) After cleaning, make sure to let it dry all the way!

Step two will be to paint the lid to your jar, with whatever color you have decided to use for your jar. I recommend acrylic paint, because it’s cheap, and dries quickly.


Tada! Just set this aside while you work on the rest of the jar, and by the time you are done, it *should* be dry. 

Step three is to take the same paint, and paint a pumpkin face (or whatever other design you would like on the jar! You could also let the kids do this step, so they can draw whatever they want on it!) If you mess up, or don’t like the design, don’t fret! If you quickly wipe it off, you can start over!


How cute is this!? (Mind you, I am NOT an artist by any means, but my daughter thought it was cute, and that’s all that matters to me 🙂 )

Step four is getting the jar to GLOW! You will take your glow stick(s) and crack them until they glow. After they cracked and glowing strongly, you will take a pair of scissors and cut the end of the glow stick off. (Warning! the glow stick will leak! I suggest wearing a pair of gloves, and I also recommend having the parent do this part. I would also cut the glow stick over a paper towel, although watching my carpet glow for a moment was pretty funny lol!)

  Make sure you cut the END of the glowstick, NOT the middle, or you will have a big ole mess on your hands! 

Step five is to take the glow sick and shake/pour the liquid into the jar. Shaking it against the sides worked best for me. You will repeat the same thing with the second glow stick, and if you want more coverage use more glow stick! There isn’t really a limit to the amount you can use.

Step six is to take your glitter and pour it into the jar. (I put about a teaspoons worth of glitter into the jar) By this time, your lid should be dry, so after testing it to make sure, screw the lid on TIGHTLY and shake the jar! (this was Jaidens favorite part of the craft lol!)


See it starting to look super cute already!?

Step 7 is the final step, take your ribbon and cut it to size and tie it around the top of your jar!

How cute is this!? You can make this into a centerpiece for a table, or an alternative for pumpkins on Halloween night, or you can make a bunch of them and line your driveway or porch with them!

These glow for about 4 hours, and are a super cute, and cheap project for you and your kiddos to do together, and they aren’t just for Halloween! You can make a plain glow jar for the little ones that are afraid of the dark, or you can change them up according to the holiday 🙂

I hope you liked reading about how to make a Halloween Glow Jar 🙂




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