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Doctor office drama

I just love to people watch. I’m at my “lady doctor” who also happens to be an OB. His name is Dr. Hamburger (oh yes, hamburger) he delivered Jaiden, and Brandon ran around the hospital yelling for “Dr. hamburger and Nurse Shake!! It was SO funny, but it hurt to laugh so it made me kind of mad lol!
but anyways, back to today, the waiting room is pretty full, because people like to have babies around here, when a nurse comes out and says “Dr.Hamburger just got called into the OR, so it might be a bit” wtf does that mean!? Is he delivering a baby or what? If I wasn’t so concerned with this stupid Mirena (IUD) I would just leave. So around me in the waiting room I have a “gangster” who is “here with his dawgs ole lady cause he was at work”, I have a woman with twin 4 year olds that really don’t want to be here, and a teen couple that keep fighting with each other, they are my favorite. She’s been on the phone for about 30 mins. Talking to her grandmother, about how her dad is a drug addict and steals all her money, and she wants to move in with her boyfriend but her mom won’t let her. (How do I know all this? She had the phone on the highest volume setting and was sitting right next to me) Now, the gangster and the teen couple just found out they know each other, so they have been talking about “how them thangs” have been going, and when he “got out of the joint” (he means juvi lol) While listening to all this, it makes me wonder, did I talk/act like this when I was a teenager!? The answer is probably yes. People never realize how stupid they sound until years later, then you realize your parents were right lol!

I am Soooo not looking forward to this appt. I do love my Mirena, but to be honest. It’s kind of a bitch to deal with. For the first year I had it, I had terrible mood swigs, cramps, and weight gain, but I didn’t have a period! And haven’t had one since…October 2008. So I will take the trade off. But now, I think something is wrong with it, so I get to find out today. Fun way to spend my Friday huh? Better safe then sorry though, I have 1 perfect little girl, and I don’t want anymore.

I get a lot of comments from the peanut gallery regarding only having/wanting kids. I get “when are you going to give Jaiden a little brother/sister??” Um, never. And then that opens a whole new can of worms. “How are you going to deny Jaiden of the bond a sibling can bring?” “Don’t you want Jaiden to have a playmate?” “Don’t you think it’s kind of selfish to only have 1 kid?” No, no, Lol. I was an only child growing up, as was my husband, do I just do not have that need to have another child I guess. I never had that sibling bond, and I turned out just fine!

I finally got a room! Got weighed, I’ve lost another 2 lbs!! Not as great as last week but hey what can you do? And who knows if that scale is right? It’s ancient. So I’m not banking on it to much, I go see my weight loss doctor tomorrow, I’ll see what she says 🙂 but if it turns out it is just 2 lbs that just fine! As long as in losing, I’m happy!

Well, I think I have rambled on enough, so ill be signing off for now!


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