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I have the cutest kid EVER


I mean..look at that face! Such a doll. Oh, and the outfit she has on, is the best outfit EVER. It’s got Alice in Wonderland characters all over it, and you know how much we love Alice around here.


Here is the full outfit. Isn’t it great!? and you can see my cat Juno in the background. that would be 1 of 4 cats in the house. She’s the baby. Then we have Adolf, who is HUGE, like 15 pounds or so, then Dede, which is Brandons baby (although she is 11 years old and also huge) and then we have Cowboy, our gimp. His front paws face inward, making it appear like he’s walking like he just got off of a horse lol.


I just got back from the doctor, and as I suspected, the ancient scale at my gyns office was wrong, I’ve lost 5 more pounds this week!! Bringing my grand total for 2 weeks to 11 pounds! woot woot! I’m super thrilled.

My in laws are coming into town today, and they want to wreck my diet! Not on purpose of course lol, we are just going to have dinner at Chuy’s tonight. Which is hands down my favorite Mexican restaurant. I looked everywhere for the nutrition information there, and could only find bits and pieces, because they haven’t released it. None of the info I did find was good :(. So i’m just going to get a few tacos and no sides. and then go home and work out lol. Hopefully I’ll be alright.


Now I will be signing off, and getting some xbox time in before I have to go be an awesome daughter-in-law lol.



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Hello! My name is Rachelle and I am just a mom trying to do the best for her Family!

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