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So close to 20 ponds!!

I’ve lost 18 pounds in a month!! A month!! That’s crazy to me! Only 2 more little pounds and I’ll be down 20 pounds, and then 30, 60 even! It’s so exciting :).

Moving on to something different, I love my job, I really do. But there is one aspect of my job that makes me want to pull my hair out. And that’s dealing with bratty ass kids that don’t listen. I don’t know why parents let kids act like they live here. (I work at an MMA gym) Some of the students feel like its their right to have me babysit for them while they are in class. Let me assure you this was NOT play with me, but I love my job, so I deal with it.

I have a handful of kids that I have to get onto everytime they come to the gym. Every freaking time. For stupid shit. Like don’t jump on the couch, stop paying in the water, stop hitting people. It’s insane. I will tolerate a little more from the little kids, like 5 and under. The funny thing is, I only have to tell them a few times to stop, it’s the kids that are like 7-12 are the ones I have to bitch at the most.

I’m not one for confrontation but today I had had enough, I waited for the 2 parents of the kids that had not listened to me all day to come out and I pulled them aside and let them have it. I told them if their kids didn’t straiten up, that I would no longer let them stay up in the front anymore. I love the fact that I can make the decision to say that without having to ask anyone for permission, my boss trusts me with everything, so that’s cool 🙂

Now, I know a few people will probably think I’m being a little harsh on the kids and they would be right. *But* this is a business. Even though we are all laid back, and like a family, someone has to be the bad guy, and if that’s me, then so be it. I’m looking at the perspective of a potential student. If I came in do take my tour, and saw all these kids jumping around and hollering I think I would turn myself around and go find me a professional gym to go to. I love my boss, his wife and kids. This is their livelihood, and I want to help them any way I can.

Well, now that I feel like I have complained enough, I’m done lol!



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Hello! My name is Rachelle and I am just a mom trying to do the best for her Family!

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