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Monthly Weigh In and other happenings!

So the question is….


How does 21 pounds down look on me!?


That’s right! Since 9-29-12 I’ve lost 21 lbs! And not only that…Here are my measurements for the month:

  • Waist- 5 inches lost!
  • Chest- 3 inches lost!
  • Arms-1 inch lost!
  • Hips- 4 inches lost!
  • Thighs-2 inches lost!

In a month! everyone at the clinic was so excited for me! I’m excited for me too lol!


I can only go up from here, I have too, and thanks to my clinic, I have Motivation :



Oh yes. I love money, shots, and apple products. It’s going down! I’m going to work twice as hard this month as i did last month lol! 


I’m so glad something has gone right this week. The rest of the week has been HORRIBLE. Let this be a message to anyone that is considering Mirena IUD for birth control..


I know that all birth control has side effects, and affects everyone differently, so this is not medical advice, this is just my personal experiences with this “medicine” 

 I got the Mirena in June of 2008. 6 weeks after I had Jaiden. Insertion SUCKED and it hurt, but other then that, the first few months was great! After that it seemed to go downhill. I lost my sex drive almost completely!  For a 20 year old, that is NO fun! I also cried at freaking everything, and I was super annoyed a lot of the time. I was tired, bloated, and moody. After the first year I guess I got “used” to the symptoms, so I didn’t think much about it, and after the first 6 months, I didn’t have a period at all, so that’s a plus. 


The next 3 years were more of the same, still no period…until 2 weeks ago, and what a period it was..I almost went to the ER thinking something was really wrong! I took a trip to my GYN and got a pap smear, while getting this my doctor informs me that my cervix was “infected, and irritated”. What does that mean!? Did it growl at you to let you know it was irritated!? I had to wait a freaking WEEK to get the results from my test back, which came back with…nothing. Surprise Surprise. So I then got called in on Tuesday to get an ultrasound, which while I’m getting it the ultrasound tech says “Honey, have you been having a lot of cramping and pain?” Why yes…yes I have…I then ask if something is wrong and she says “Oh Hun, I’m not a doctor, I just take the pictures” then why the hell did you ask me!?


After the ultrasound I wait in my doctors office, he comes in and says “Well, your mirena has slipped down out of place, but is stuck on your cervix, we are going to have to take it out right now, go ahead and get changed into a gown” and leaves. What!? It moved?? Great!


The doctor comes back in and says “this is probably going to hurt, but try to relax”. Relax? Sureeee. I try to relax as best I can as he RIPS my Mirena out with freaking pliers! taking a chunk of…i don’t know, skin? with it. Oh… hurt SO bad. 

After I had quit crying and gotten my clothes back on, he comes back in and tells me the Mirena being out of place could have affected my hormone levels, and I would need to get a blood test, and if the results came back normal I would need to get another form of BC asap so my body wouldn’t go into whats known as “mirena crash”. Lovely.

I go back into the doctor on Friday (yep, 3rd time that week, thanks God my deductible was met eh?) and he tells me that my hormone levels were a little off, but he thought getting a replacement BC in would level them out. I went with the Implanon, which is a little tube that is shoved into your arm. 


This is 3 hours after I got the Implanon but in, that band-aid is covering up the incision they cut to put in the tube in. OW! Hopefully  I will have better luck with this. Why can’t they make guys do this!?


So that has been my week, I’m determined to have a good weekend to make up for it! Heading to the Pumpkin Patch today, and then to see Paranormal Activity tomorrow! Everyone have a great day!



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