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Some things you may not know…

About ME! 🙂 

I love reading little secrets and stuff about other people, or just random facts that I don’t know about people, so I thought I would do one for myself, so here are some little fun facts about yours truly!

  • My Middle name is Diana, and was named so because of the Goddess of the Moon!
  • My favorite food of all time is CHEESE! I can eat cheese with everything, expect for cottage cheese, that is disgusting.
  • My natural hair color is BLONDE! Everyone is always super surprised when I tell them this lol, I haven’t had my natural hair color since the 5th grade.


Me as a blonde, oh and with my pet pig, named Porkchop lol!

  • And speaking of hair, I graduated from Cosmetology school only to find out…I don’t like doing hair! I love coloring hair, but I hate cutting it, styling it, perming it, or anything else. I just want to color, and ya can’t be a hair stylists with those high demands LOL.

Oh, how damaged my hair was when I was in cosmetology


  • I’m a Medical Assistant, and I love it! I work at an MMA gym right now, where I get to bandage up cuts, mat burns, and tape broken toes lol!
  • I do not have a Favorite movie, but I do have a top 5 which are: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Party Monster, Alpha Dog, Girl, Interrupted, and Queen of the damned.
  • I am a reality TV show JUNKIE! It is my “guilty pleasure” I guess. My favorite TV show of all time is Big Brother. I have watched every season, and last season I even made a “team brenchal” shirt for my 2 favorite players, and wore it in public.

Oh yes, I went there. don’t hate! lol


  • I LOVE to read, and always have. My favorite series is by Laurell K. Hamilton and has 21 books in the series, I own every one of them, and have read all of them atleast twice. 

Here are just a few


  • I did not see the beach for the first time until 2 years ago, on my honeymoon, to Jamaica, I’m pretty sure no other beach will ever compare to that one.

first time with my toes in the sand!

  • I used to be what we called a “Band-Aid” which is an upgrade to a groupie, for 3 local bands in the area that me and all my friends loved, and we each dated a member of the band atleast once lol!
  • I have 6 tattoos. I got my 1st once when I was 15! It is a 3 moon symbol on the back of my neck, and I passed out while getting it. I also have my daughters initials on my left shoulder, and a home done “Hachet man” on my right, which I will not cover up because of the memories attached to it. I also have a “ghost cat” on my left forarm, which I hate, and will get covered up, and I have Alice from American Mcgee’s Alice (evil alice) on my right forarm, which is a cover up for a HORRIBLE skull and crossbones tattoo I had before hand.  My latest tattoo is also on my right forarm on the other side of my Alice and it is a quote from Alice and the Madness returns that says “The World is not so either/or Alice” and is from the Carpenter. 

It’s no done yet! but I love it already!

  • If you haven’t guessed, we love Alice in Wonderland in this house. It is the theme of my tattoos, my wedding, Jaiden’s 4th birthday, and Jaiden’s Halloween costume. 

Jaiden in Wonderland


  • The 3 things I can’t live without, (besides my family or air lol) is my cellphone, eyeliner, and a hair tie! I am constantly on my phone, and never turn in off, my eyes are super small so without eyeliner I look really silly, and my hair is super long, and thick, so I have it up alot. 
  •  I love going to concerts, and have been to probably well over 100. My favorite is a tie between seeing my favorite band of all time (Nine Inch Nails) on halloween night, or a festival me and one of my very best friends went to in ATL that had Godsmack, Cowboy mouth, Traped, Evenessense, and more! I’ve also taken my 4 year old to see 3 concerts already too, Yo Gabba Gabba, Barney, and Disney on Ice!
  • I am an avid giveaway enterer. I love reading mom blogs, and entering contests. and I win! (sometimes) I’ve one $150 cash, a tent, giftcards, food, bows, outfits, ipad stuff, DVDs, blurays, and toys! 
  • I used to be really in the “candy kid” scene, and all the things that went along with it. and I had a blast, and I’m not ashamed of it, I realized it when it became a problem, and I stopped.

In full club kid mode

  • Jaiden was born 12 days early, and at only 5 lbs, because I had a hole in my umbilical chord, she was small, but she was perfect!

My little miracle baby ❤

  • 2 days ago, on Halloween 2012, I was the birthing partner for my best friend, and I got to cut her baby boys umbilical chord, and it was the most beautiful/disgusting thing I have ever done or seen.

Nolan Hale dennis 


10:23 pm

7 lbs 9 oz 20 1/2 inches long 

Perfect ❤






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