How about a giveaway!?

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Making 2013 MY year!

Hello everybody! I hope everyone is having a great start to their New Year, I know I am!


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, I’ll be honest, I have been crazy busy! Let me share some new things with you guys!


First! I am an official Stay-at-home-mom! I couldn’t be happier. While, I really miss the gym, and my gym family, I am So happy to be able to spend all my time with my little one before she starts school in the fall. I have been able to get her set on a schedule, I know I know..she is 4, she should have been on one, but she wasn’t so…! I’ve *almost* got her where she isn’t so scared of the potty! This is a HUGE accomplishment for the both of us, she is SO smart, the fact that she couldn’t get this potty thing down was really driving me nuts!


Lets talk now about my weight loss! I have officially made it to a loss of OVER 50 POUNDS!!  It’s really amazing! I never would have thought I could do that in 4 months! I’m still a long way from my goal, but I now KNOW  I can get there! I WON the Santa Slim Down contest at my weight loss clinic! 


I also got to be in a COMMERCIAL for  Achieve Medical Weight Loss! I got that roll because I had lost the most weight in the whole place!  I was SO terrified but it was one of the most fun experiences I have ever had, and I’m glad I got to be apart of it! 

If you want, you can check out my commerical!! (Just click the link!)

Hmm..let see what else can I share with you guys? Oh! How about this good luck streak I’ve been on!? I am a huge fan of reading other blogs, and my favorite kind of blogs are deal blogs, because sister is trying to save some money if you know what I’m saying! 

I enter quite a few giveaways that they have on my favorite blogs, and I’m pretty good at winning them! during the holiday season I won a $400 amazon gift card, a box of clothes for Jaiden, a $20 amazon giftcard, a $50 gas card, an ipad case, and nail polish!! Not to bad eh?

I would also love to share a new business adventure I have just gotten into! It’s called It Works! I had wanted to try their body wraps forever, and I finally got a chance to try them and WOW, I am impressed! Let me show you what I mean:

wrapWhy yes….I love this product so much, that I put up a picture of my own stomach to prove to you how awesome these wraps really are!!

I think I could do great things in the company, and I am determined to make sure that I do well for myself in 2013. Want to learn more? Want to join me in my journey? the just click HERE  to check out my website! Once there you can learn all about what got me excited to be apart of this company, and what I can offer you!!


Now that I’m done with the shameless plugging, I would like to talk about something else exciting that could be happening in my life soon!

I am a TOP 5 FINALIST competing to get a PAID INTERNSHIP with one of the top deal bloggers out there!! I have followed this blog for about a year, and she is VERY inspiring, and I can’t believe that I may have the chance to learn from her! Sure the money is nice, but the knowledge I will gain from her is worth way more then any amount of money! So I am sitting anxiously awaiting her to contact me for our interview! I hope I can impress her, and let her know how much this would change my life!

So that is what’s been going on in my life, It’s going to be a great year..I can feel it!!